Ultimate Super Bowl Guide; Recipes, Time Super Bowl Starts, Kickoff, Drinks, and More

Are you ready for Super Bowl? Mark your calendars for Sunday February 6. What time does Super Bowl start? The kickoff start time gets underway at 6:00 P.M. Eastern Time, however tune in for the pre-game which should begin around 4 P.M. Eastern Time. But as we all known, the timing is always a few minutes later than that. What are you eating or making?

Millions of fans who watch this exciting game look for Super Bowl party recipes, which might include potato skins, wings, chili, crab cakes, jalapeno poppers, the infamous pigs in a blanket, sausage rolls, all sorts of sliders, buffalo chicken dip, cheesy bacon weave, ribs, chips and salsa, onion rings, hero sandwiches, some slaw, and even pizza. If you are on the hunt, stop right now.

I am going to give you the ultimate Super Bowl food guide. In this guide, you will recipes for the top food choices mentioned above and other fun and yummy ideas.


On this website you can recipes for breadsticks, baked onion dip, salami and cheese stuffed appetizers, Mojito Mayo dip, Pizza burgers, chicken wings, salads, and even cupcakes. How wrong can you go with these yummy ideas?

How about those cheesy bacon weaves I mentioned earlier in this article? Doesn’t that sound really good right now? If so head over to Miami NewsTimes Blog;Article called Top 10 Super Bowl Appetizer Recipes . Once you go to the website the cheesy bacon is number #9 on the list. Click on the title, and it will bring you to the exact website with the full recipe. Number #10 is bacon vodka, and they even have bacon chocolate chip cookies. Sounds quite interesting to say the least.


Anyone want hot wings,guacamole, tailgate chili, seven layer taco dip, spicy beans, fruit dip, mango salsa, turkey chili, caviar,or dogs? This website has just that. Easy to follow directions, and great pictures for the recipe challenged.

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Now you know I can’t leave out the website I write for. This website has everything for Super Bowl. Choose from touchdown pizza bacon dogs, tortilla wraps, veggie dip, fried ravioli, wings, buffalo dip, Super Bowl spreads, chili, deviled eggs, sandwiches, drinks, cakes and more. Just click on the link above and indulge in all these great recipes. If you can not find any, then there has to be a serious problem.

Are you getting thirsty from reading about all these Super Bowl 45 recipes? How about a drink? You have to have something to wash down these great foods. Here are some Super Bowl cocktail recipes.






One more thing before I leave. As we all know The Black Eyed Peas landed the Super Bowl gig, so what better than to make your own black eyed peas recipe. Do you know how? Do you need a recipe? If you answered yes, great I have the perfect ones for you. Head over to Babble.com . This website has 15 of the finest recipes going. Choose from Paula Deen’s, Emeril, Guy Fieri’s, Robert Irvine’s, and more.