Super Steak Recipes and Party Ideas for Super Bowl

Grilling steaks for a Super Bowl party is a great idea. Football and beef, what could be a better combination? Football loving fans are always hungry. Here are some super Super Bowl steak recipes and ideas for your Super Bowl party.

There is always the option of just throwing your seasoned steaks on the grill and serving them. I like seasoning my steaks with Lawry’s seasoning and Worch sauce, black peppering them and grilling medium. A bag of potatoes doesn’t cost much. Bake these and have them on your serving table, along with butter, sour cream and steak sauce. Allow guests to use your microwave to heat up their food, as they will want to eat when they want to eat. No problem.

To save money, you can cut the grilled steaks into thin strips, before your guests arrive. Have them in a large bowl or placed on a wide serving platter. Add bowls of cut grilled bell pepper strips, Swiss cheese slices, Sliced grilled onions and lots of bread. Subs, white bread, buns, any of those will do. This idea allows your guests to create their own grilled steak sandwich. Have a large jar of fat free mayo available, some ranch dip and you have yourself a fun and delicious Super Bowl party food area. Add a bowl of chips, salsa and onion dip and your work is complete. So easy. Enjoy!

My next super Super Bowl steak idea is fun and so simple. Cook lots of white rice, place in a large bowl, on your serving table. Have bowls of cheese dip, salsa, cooked green bell peppers strips, cooked chopped tomatoes and cooked chopped onions. Add to that a large platter of grilled steak strips, thinly cut and you have the makings for a homemade Chinese beef and rice dish. Guests can mix on their own plates the ingredients that they like and enjoy. This idea is delicious!

Another idea is to have a large platter of grilled steak strips, plenty of soft flour tortillas, shredded Mozzarella cheese, shredded cheddar cheese, shredded Monterey Jack cheese, chopped iceberg lettuce, chopped fresh tomatoes and salsa. Your guests can combine these ingredients on top of the tortilla to create a Mexican steak dish. Pop it in the microwave for a minute and it is perfect. These are so good and perfect for a Super Bowl. They are hearty and yummy. Have bean dip and tortilla chips or Fritos to serve with. Perfect.

Yes, chicken wings and pizza are nice but, if you want a great party menu to please beef loving guests, this is it. These super Super Bowl party steak menu ideas will help you score a win. Happy Super Bowl to you!